RYCT Tasmanian Anchorage Guide 6th Edition

RYCT Tasmanian Anchorage Guide 6th Edition

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The Tasmanian Anchorage Guide (TAG for short) is published by the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania to enable passage planning and to provide details of possible shelter usable by small craft cruising on the Tasmanian coast. The information is provided as a guide only and is intended for use in conjunction with the Australian Pilot, Australian charts and other cruising publications.

Many individuals have contributed to the TAG. It combines several hundred person/years of knowledge and experience of cruising the Tasmanian coast. It continues to be a cooperative work-in-progress and is subject to continuous improvement as new information or a new need arises. Comments and criticisms are welcome – especially if they can be used to enhance the Guide to make it more useful. Although every effort has been made to check the accuracy of the details, the RYCT, as well as TAG editors and authors, do not imply or accept any responsibility for the accuracy, authenticity or validity of the TAG’s contents.

The TAG has 7 sections and a detailed index that cover the Tasmanian coast starting from Hobart and traversing the coast in an anticlockwise direction – in the same direction as the Van Diemens Land Circumnavigation cruises. Mud-maps of most anchorages and cruising areas are included adjacent to their descriptions.


1 – General information about cruising in Tasmanian waters.
2 – Hobart to Low Head via the East Coast.
3 – The Furneaux Group (including Deal Island)
4 – Tamar River to Hunter Island (including King Island)
5 – Hunter Passage to Macquarie Harbour (including the Gordon River)
6 – Cape Sorell to Recherche Bay (including Port Davey)
7 – Recherche Bay to Hobart (via D’Entrecasteaux Channel)